Why Another Blog?

As a retired pastor I find great comfort in knowing my identity wasn’t and isn’t in what I did/do (i.e. pastoring/being retired). By the way, neither is yours. As children of God, our identity is found in our oneness with our Father.

When I was born physically I became a Hager, the name of my biological father, and I received his name and became identified as his son. Whatever else I did in the course of my life, nothing could change the fact that I’m my father’s son. Similarly, there was a point in time, the Spring of 1963, when I opened my heart and life to Jesus and became, by virtue of my “new birth,” a child of God.

Just as a young child has to learn to walk and talk and run and play, as a child of God we have to learn how to relate to our new, invisible, heavenly Father. What does it look like to walk with Jesus? What happens when I fail? What about all the wrong things I’ve done? These and a thousand other questions reverberate in my mind and heart and compel me to give expression to the things the Lord is teaching me in our almost 6 decades together.

That’s why I’m blogging. Each day the Lord gives me insights, ideas, understandings that He prompts me to share with others. If what you read here is helpful, please tell others. If it’s not, please tell me. I’m not a “professional” writer, I’m just someone who loves Jesus and wants to spread the love He’s given me with everyone I can.

Blessings, Ed šŸ™‚

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