Whatever Became of Honor?

“I praise Your name for Your unfailing love and faithfulness; for Your promises are backed by all the honor of Your name.” (Psalm 138:2b NLT)

In the film entitled The Last Samurai Tom Cruise is an American Captain in the late 1800’s. He has distinguished himself by his valor in battle, and his wisdom as a strategist. He accepts an opportunity to go to Japan and train their army to do battle against the last remaining Samurai, whose soul purpose for centuries has been to protect the interests of their Emperor.

As the story unfolds, Katsumoto, the leader of the Samurai, and the Captain become friends and learn from one another. The Captain learns the ways of the Samurai and becomes a comrade who helps defend the Samarai from their enemies, including the new Japanese army trained and led by an American Lieutenant Colonel. The Samurai are no match for the canons and machine guns of the new army, and all the Samurai are killed and the Captain is severely wounded, but lives to present Katsumoto’s sword to the young Emperor. 

As he presents the sword, the young Emperor begins to understand what a tremendous sacrifice the Samurai’s have made, and is noticeably moved. While it violated ancient protocol, the Emperor knelt to receive the sword and asked the Captain: “Were you with him when he died?” To which the Captain said he was. Then the Emperor asked: “Will you tell me how he died?” To which the Captain replied: “I will tell you how he lived!”

Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

Katsumoto’s honorable death was the perfect ending for the life of honor that he lived. Watching that film again reminded me of how soft, undisciplined, and selfish most of us are in 21st Century America. We’ve largely forgotten what it means to be a man of honor. We live for ourselves and for whatever makes us feel good.

Even as professing believers in Jesus, while we may be grateful for His discipline, and willingness to die in our place, it apparently doesn’t give us the incentive most of us need to live a life of disciplined obedience to His honor and fame. The more I study the life of my Savior, the more convicted I am that I must do whatever it takes to live in uncompromising submission to His Lordship over my life.

May I challenge you, “men of God,” to be men of honor for His name’s sake? A high percentage of men who profess faith in Christ are addicted to pornography and think nothing of sleeping with, and even living with their girlfriends out of wedlock or being unfaithful to their wife or unethical in their business practices. May I ask you: “Where is the honor in that? How is that different than any other unsaved man in America today? Do you think Jesus is okay with being on the proverbial ‘sidelines’ of your life, while you live like the devil all week, then cry and praise Him on Sunday?” Sorry, guys, that’s not how it works.

Please, for Christ’s sake, start living like Jesus is Lord, or stop making a mockery of His death for your sin, and call your life what it is – a sacrilege! Do you not understand the Holy Spirit will give you power to overcome sin in your life? But you’ve got to want it, and be willing to submit to His Lordship. Let the Lord help you grow a backbone, put on your big boy pants, and stand up to the devil and in Jesus’ Name, tell him to go to hell where he belongs. Will it be easy? Certainly not! But that’s how you become a man of honor.

You’re either a man of God or you’re not! If you are, then live like it! But if you’re not, but you want to be, click on the link below and learn what it means to give your life to Christ. He’s coming soon and when He comes back, He’s not coming to take sides. He’s coming to take over. Whose side do you want to be on then? https://hutchcraft.com/the-bridge-to-god

Blessings, Ed

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