The Splendor of His Coming

“And in the future you will see the Son of Man seated in the place of power at God’s right hand and coming on the clouds of heaven.” (Matthew 26:64NLT)

How often do you think about Jesus’ second coming? And when you do, how do you view it? Does it frighten you? Encourage you? Have no bearing on your emotions at all? Obviously, the range of emotion can be from great enthusiasm to yawning non-concern, but one day sooner than any of us can imagine, life on this planet will cease and eternity will begin.

Perhaps you or someone you know thinks, “I don’t believe in all of that heaven and hell business, so whether Jesus returns or not has no bearing on me.” Actually, what someone believes or doesn’t believe about Jesus’ coming doesn’t change the fact that it’s true and everyone who has ever lived, is living, or ever will live is going to be affected very dramatically.

How can I be so sure? Because the Bible is very clear about what will transpire in history to set the stage for Jesus’ return, and every prophetic description has or soon will be fulfilled. No one knows the day or hour, only God the Father (see Matthew 24:36), but based on the Bible’s historic accuracy I have absolute certainty that Jesus is coming back for His Bride, the Church. The only issue then becomes, will we/you be ready.

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Jesus said: “Now learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branches bud and its leaves begin to sprout, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things (see Matthew 24), you can know His return is very near, right at the door.” (Matthew 32-33 NLT)

In previous posts I’ve written about heaven and hell, but the focus of my thoughts today center on Jesus and our life in Him. Jesus died to give every person an opportunity to know, love, and spend eternity with Him. To miss Jesus is to miss everything. To reject Jesus is to choose hell. But, the ones on my “radar” aren’t just those who have given themselves over to wickedness and evil; who won’t listen to reason or even entertain the thought of placing their faith in something or Someone they can’t see, hear, touch, taste, or smell.

Who I’m also praying will seek God and long for His soon return are those who have been beaten and battered by the storms of life; those who have no fight left but have resigned themselves to accept whatever life or fate has for them. They may have only heard Jesus’ name in an irreverent way, but if only someone could show them a “picture” of Him through a kindness or thoughtful word or gesture.

Will you covenant with me to pray for lost people? Beginning today, and praying every day until He comes for you or all of us, whichever comes first. See the people God places in front of you each day. Take the time to study their faces and see them as someone for whom Jesus died.

There’s a verse in 2 Thessalonians (2:8) which speaks of the “Splendor of His coming.”  The Greek word translated “Splendor” is the word from which comes our English word “Epiphany.” It means “brilliance” or “brightness” and can refer to “a moment of sudden intuitive understanding; flash of insight.” (Webster’s Dictionary) I’m praying that my neighbors, friends, relatives, anyone who needs Jesus would receive an insight or “sudden intuitive understanding,” whatever it takes to open their mind and heart to Jesus before it’s eternally too late.

Jesus’ presence, when He returns, will be brighter than the noonday sun. The sight of Him will drive us to our knees in reverent submission to His authority and Holiness. Even those who have seen no need to understand their need of Him in this life, will recognize their need in that moment, but for them, it will be too late. That breaks my heart, and God’s heart. We must implore everyone we possibly can now, while there’s still time, to yield their life and allegiance to Jesus.

Blessings, Ed 😊

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