You’re Doing More Than You Realize

“A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart…” (Matthew 12:35a NLT)

Have you ever been discouraged? Of course you have, as I and every other believer who ever lived has. What does it mean to be discouraged? From a Biblical perspective, it means “to be disheartened, dispirited, or broken in spirit.” (Strong’s) What causes us to be discouraged?

At the root of virtually every cause of every negative emotion is a catalyst of some sort. For Jesus followers the key cause is most often satanic influence, but it can come in many forms. Things like an unkindness; failure to get a promotion or to complete an assignment; the breakup of a relationship or an argument with our spouse; disappointment our kids aren’t living as close to Jesus as we’d hoped. There are dozens of “triggers,” but the bottom line is, it derails us, preventing us from being as effective as we can be.

What often happens in those circumstances is we negate virtually everything positive the Lord has accomplished and is accomplishing through us. We gather ourselves in a big circle of pity and proclaim: “I can’t do anything right!” or “everything I do just ends in failure!” Of course, those observations aren’t true, but they seem true in that moment, don’t they? How can we combat those demonic attacks?

One way is by learning to believe the truth. Sounds right, but how do I do that? One way is by remembering that any good that comes from us is coming from the Lord. As His sacred instruments, He flows in and through us accomplishing more than we could ever begin to imagine.

Scottish Pastor and hymn writer, George Matheson wrote: “We are doing more good than we know. The things we do today – sowing seeds or sharing simple truths of Christ – people will someday refer to as the first things that prompted them to think of Him. For my part, I will be satisfied not to have some great tombstone over my grave but just to know that common people will gather there once I am gone and say, ‘He was a good man. He never performed any miracles, but he told me about Christ, which led me to know Him for myself.’”

In my mind I imagine entering the gates of heaven and seeing the faces of loved ones and friends who have preceded me. But beyond those I recognize, in my mind’s eye, I see those whose faces are unfamiliar, yet their smiles seem as if I should know them. The Lord explains: “These are the ones whose lives were touched by those whose lives you touched.”

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We can never calculate the ways God will use a kind deed or word we share with a stranger, who may not even know our name, but God knows. And the Lord plants that seed of kindness in that person’s heart. Over the years and through the circumstances of that person’s life, God waters that seed, until one day it blossoms into a relationship with Jesus. But the Lord isn’t finished.

He takes that person’s new faith and uses it to plant seeds in other people’s hearts and minds until, over the years, faith has been ignited in multiplied thousands, and lives have been touched and changed by the power of God’s Spirit working through one small kindness. Think of what He can do with all the things you’ve done and words you’ve spoken intentionally to honor the Lord and point others to Him.

You have no idea how much good you’ve done. How much honor you’ve directed to Jesus. How many people’s lives in whom you’ve planted the seed of hope. By loving your children and grandchildren with the love of Jesus, you’ve opened the door of opportunity for millions of people to catch a glimpse of heaven because of your unselfish devotion to your spouse, children, grandchildren, extended family, neighbors, and friends who all know how much you love Jesus. You’re among God’s favorite heroes of the faith.

Blessings, Ed 😊

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