Praying IS Doing Something!

“Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell You what He did for me.” (Psalm 66:16 NLT)

Has someone ever shared with you a need? It could have been physical, emotional, relational, financial or any number of other needs people have. As you listened, your mind was racing trying to come up with an answer, but all that could come out of your mouth was: “I suppose I could pray with you about it.”

Like most men, I’m a “fixer.” Often, if you have a problem, I have an answer. It may not be what you need or want, but it’s something you can “do” to address what you’re dealing with. Do you realize the first and most important thing you can ever do is pray?

The question then becomes: “What does that mean?” “What does it mean to ‘pray?’” For some reading those words, it seems a silly question. I can almost hear someone saying: “We just talk about whatever’s on our heart.” That’s good, and it’s an important part of prayer. But I’m finding in my life that the most important beginning point for me when I pray is to listen. How do I do that?

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The most consistent means that I’ve found to listen for God’s voice is through His Word, the Bible. I read and study His Word every day. But if I have something specific to pray about, I may research a word or idea to get a sense as to how God views whatever it is I’m praying about.

For example, let’s say someone asks me to pray for their 90-year-old grandmother who is suffering from pneumonia. She’s a believer and is ready to meet Jesus. I would pray differently for her than a 27-year-old who was in a motorcycle accident and isn’t a believer. How so? In my mind death for a believer is perfect healing. If I’m sick and the prospects are good that I’m going to die, pray for my perfect healing 😊. I can’t wait to see Jesus.

But when I pray for someone who isn’t saved, my first concern isn’t their physical health, it’s their soul. I can’t quote you a specific verse, but I believe if there’s breath there’s hope. A person may be in a coma, unable to communicate with another person, but I believe the Lord can speak to a person’s spirit. He can communicate love, forgiveness, hope, peace, in short, whatever that person needs to get their soul right with God. And please understand, God won’t make someone open their heart to Him, but will allow the spirit of the person to respond to His Spirit affirming or denying their willingness to respond.

Prayer for me has many levels. Every morning as I walk the pups, I talk with the Lord. I use the Lord’s prayer as a guide. I express praise, adoration, and worship to the one true God who is alone worthy. I seek to position myself in a posture of humility and acceptance of the fact that He is God, and I am not. This is the supreme Commander-in-Chief of everything that has life. I’m not at His throne to make demands or give Him orders. I’m there to listen to His heart and follow His directives.

There are some things I know are His will. I know He loves lost people, so I lift every neighbor to Him every day. If I know their name, I use it, but if I don’t know their name yet, I ask the Lord to open the hearts and minds of whoever lives in each house as I pass it.

All throughout the day, whatever I’m doing, I’m talking with the Lord and/or seeking to listen to what He wants to say to me. One thing He’s teaching me that I’ve been very slow to hear, is going to Him FIRST when I have a need. Regardless of how small it seems; I ask His help. I lost a car key and all I’m hearing Him say is “pocket.” So, if one of you has my car key in your pocket, cough it up. I need it! 😊

Let’s look at this a little more closely tomorrow.

Blessings, Ed 😊

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