Can Your Life Make a Difference?

“Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14b NLT)

A man was walking on the beach when he saw in the distance someone who seemed to be throwing something into the ocean. As he got closer, he saw that it was a young boy throwing starfish back into the water that had washed up on the beach. The man said to the boy – “There are thousands of these starfish that have washed up on the beach as far as the eye can see. What possible difference do you think you can make?”

Without slowing down, he said to the man after tossing each one back into the water – “I made a difference to that one. I made a difference to that one.”  

Our world is filled with evil people bent on having their own way, without caring who pays the price for their wickedness. But gratefully, there are still those who, like Mordecai, believe a difference can be made if we’re willing to do what we can, where we are.

In the providence of our Sovereign God there is no such thing as an accident. While He doesn’t cause evil, He does allow it for a season. “Why?” is the resounding cry of those who are suffering because of the sin rampant in our world. It’s a legitimate question.

None of us, as smart as we might think we are, have insight into the mind of God. Sin and evil were not God’s plan for us when He created man, yet, because mankind had a will to seek their own way, we now have to deal with the consequences, not only of our own sin, but the sin of all mankind across the ages.

But God in He wisdom, mercy, kindness, and goodness, sent His Son to make a difference in our plight. By faith in Jesus, we now can make a difference as we join the hearts of Jesus followers worldwide to spread the word that there is still hope, and His name is Jesus!

We may not individually be able to influence thousands of people, but, by God’s grace and under the leadership of His Holy Spirit, we can make a difference to that ONE! “Which one?” you may wonder.

We have no way of knowing with certainty how many of the thousands of people to whom Jesus ministered during His time on earth were genuinely seeking Him. However, the Bible gives us insight into many whom Jesus healed and helped individually whose lives were impacted for eternity. What’s my point?

There are those like the great evangelists across the years, who have been used powerfully by God to reach the thousands, but they’re the exception. Most of us don’t have the giftedness or ability to reach the multitudes. However, the Lord has gifted and equipped each of His children to reach someone.

Do you remember the chorus by Dr. Leon Tucker that says: “Lord lay some soul upon my heart, And love that soul through me; And may I nobly do my part, To win that soul for Thee.”

Esther may have thought she was Queen because of her beauty, but learned that God had made her beautiful so that He could strategically place her in a position of influence to save His people. God has uniquely placed you and me in the circumstances we’re in, in order to reach someone in our spheres of influence. He is preparing their heart to meet us and be open to the words He’s giving us to share.

Let’s be open to the plans of God who is equipping us to reach that one He’s putting in our path. We CAN make a difference . . . to THAT ONE!

Blessings, Ed 😊

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