A Healthy Look at Healing

“News about Him spread as far as Syria, and people soon began bringing to Him all who were sick. And whatever their sickness or disease, or if they were demon possessed or epileptic or paralyzed – He healed them all.” (Matthew 4:24 NLT)

Do you believe God cares about your physical, emotional, and mental health? Did Jesus care about those who were brought to Him or who came themselves for healing? What do you think are the biggest differences between those who needed healing in Jesus’ day, and today?

When you have symptoms that lead you to believe you might have a medical problem, what is your first course of action? Does it depend on how severe the symptoms are? Why? What difference should severity make? Where am I going with these questions?

Understanding that I can’t speak for you or anyone else, the Lord is stirring in my heart to take another look at health and healing in the Bible. Obviously, many things were different when Jesus was walking the pathways of this earth. There were doctors, but their capabilities and resources were very limited. But truth be told, many things were exactly the same.

Much of what we do related to our health is driven by the same types of things that drives every other area of our lives. How so? We’re creatures of habit. If I have a cold, I check the medicine cabinet. If I cut my finger, I look for a Band-Aid. If I have a kidney stone, I get to the ER as soon as humanly possible. What’s my point?

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Our reflex action is human intervention, not prayer. And again, I’m not speaking for you, I’m giving you insight into how I think, but my guess is, I’m not alone. It’s as if we think the Lord only cares about the “big” health issues, but even then, doctors and medicine are generally our first lines of defense. And please don’t misunderstand, doctors and medicine can and often are miraculous “tools” in God’s capable hands, but our first thoughts, regardless of how large or small the issue, should be prayer.

What if the same faith that drives our spiritual health, would drive every other aspect of our lives, including our physical health? And the scary part of that is – what if it already does?

Think about the people who came to Christ for healing – for themselves or their loved ones or friends. Why did they come to Jesus? They believed – they had faith – that He could heal. Do we not share that same faith? I believe we do, or at least we want to.

At one point during my son’s battle with leukemia, it became apparent to me that he was no longer taking his medication. In retrospect I’m ashamed to tell you I was a pastor then, but I panicked and confronted him. He simply said: “I believe God has healed me, that’s why I stopped taking my medication.” 

Being the pillar of faith that I was, how do you think I responded? Not well. My initial response was to ignore his faith and encourage him to continue taking his medication. Why? Because I didn’t trust God! I didn’t have enough faith to support my son’s decision. Why not? I loved God and I prayed for my son’s healing, which He ultimately granted, but where was my faith in that moment? It was more in medicine than in God.

I realize this is a multifaceted consideration, but at some point, we have to decide where to place our faith. I can’t lose sight of how Jesus dealt with disease in the Bible. Nothing was too hard for Him, and He turned no one away. Anyone who came to Him for healing, walked away healed. And in every case the common denominator was faith. They believed they would be healed if they even touched the hem of His robe. His presence WAS their medicine.

Food for thought.

Blessings, Ed 😊

3 thoughts on “ A Healthy Look at Healing

  1. Really good stuff.

    I found a much younger man who was up on technology and gave him all the ‘stuff’ to go into the website.

    I believe you could do the same. God’s call on you is obviously to teach the faith. Wouldn’t it be more effective/affective in a video


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