Some Things Are Worth Waiting For!

“Can the dead live again? If so, this would give me hope through all my years of struggle, and I would eagerly await the release of death.” (Job 14:14 NLT)

Thinking about something that’s already happened, what comes to mind when I ask you: “For what have you waited with greatest anticipation?” For me, one of the things I looked forward to most was getting my driver’s license. I thought I’d never turn 16. Then, being married, being a parent, serving as a Pastor, having a grandchild, finally retiring.

In this season of your life, what is it that you most anticipate? Of all the things for which you’ve waited in your lifetime, what is it now that you most look forward to?

As a Jesus follower my most highly anticipated event of my life is death! I want to see Jesus, kneel at His nailed-pierced feet, and worship Him. Knowing that when that day comes, I’ll never have an unmet need. I’ll live in absolute confidence that I’ll never get sick, never want for anything, never have to wonder what to do or how to honor my Lord most effectively.

I won’t have an unanswered question or a disappointment of any kind. I’ll never question whether my friends are lost or saved, or how best to express my love for my family and friends. Worship will be genuine and involuntary; prayer will be turned into everlasting praise and adoration of my now visible Savior.

I will finally be perfect, as only the Lord is able to see me now; I will be the new creation the Lord envisioned me to become before the foundation of the world. My new, perfect body will be able to function in ways I can’t even imagine now, carrying out my Father’s will with precision.

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Think about it. Can you hear the angels singing? Can you close your eyes and hear the song of the Savior’s Bride as we join in an everlasting chorus of worship, praise, and devotion. View the redeemed from every tongue and tribe living and serving our Beloved in perfect harmony and unity.

Wait! Do you see him? Isn’t that . . . YES! There’s Moses and Isaiah and Joshua and David and Paul and on and on as we spend all eternity getting acquainted with the men and women of the Bible, not to mention the saints of old. We’ll finally be able to know as we are known! We’ll understand without flaw the words of the Sacred Text.

There will be no misunderstanding of theology and we’ll not have to take sides because everyone will believe and understand without question or variance. We’ll live and work and fellowship with absolute, unbridled joy and delight.

The One of whom in this life we’re seeking with all that is within us to make much of, will then make much of us. He’ll reward us in ways we can’t comprehend. Like the saved in the Bible, we’ll wonder: “Lord, when did we ever see You hangry and feed You? Or thirsty and give You something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give You clothing? When did we see You in prison and visit You?” (Matthew 25:37-39)

With no desire to sin or disobey our Master, we’ll live in freedom and joy and peace, the likes of which we can’t yet imagine.

We’ve planted the proverbial “seeds” of faith. Now we wait, faithfully living with expectation and anticipation of our soon coming Messiah! Wow! What a day that will be? It will be well worth the wait!

Blessings, Ed 😊

2 thoughts on “Some Things Are Worth Waiting For!

  1. What do I anticipate the most? I patiently await either death, when I will finally be home, or I wait for the day when I am still alive in this body of flesh, when I will be snatched away from this world forever on the day of the blessed hope, or the day of the rapture of all the true believers in God’s Son, Jesus our Savior. Whether dead or alive on that day, I will be in my eternal home with all of my true family, with Christ Jesus my King for eternity.


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