When Has Rescuing Someone Ever Been Easy?

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13 NLT)

In the Men’s Group I’m a part of there are some who are or have been Firefighters, Soldiers, and Police Officers. I capitalize these titles because I respect the men and women who risk their lives every day for the good of others.

The reality is, being a rescuer of others isn’t as glamorous as the movies portray. Sometimes it’s thankless, humiliating, and dangerous. One of my closest friends in ministry was a Captain in the local police force. He told me of a domestic call – a woman had called because her husband was beating her. My friend, John, told me these were the calls he least liked because he never knew what was going to happen. In his efforts to subdue the violent husband, the wife, who called for help, hit my friend in the head with a telephone. This was in the 70’s when phones were bulky and heavy.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What’s my point? Rescuing people – physically or spiritually – can be trying, frustrating, and dangerous. There are people for whom I pray everyday who are running as fast as they can down the road that leads to destruction, but they’re blind to what awaits them, and deaf to my efforts to steer them toward Jesus.

Having walked with the Lord for almost six decades, I sympathize with those who are faithfully sharing Jesus with their friends and loved ones. It’s an uphill battle when you’re fighting for the soul of another person. It’s rarely easy, but it’s worth the effort and risk.

When I was in college I met regularly to pray with other students. We would pray for those in our spheres of influence who didn’t yet know Jesus. I remember having the privilege of praying with one for whom we’d been praying, when he yielded his life to the Lord. I can’t adequately express the elation I had. I ran out of the dorm looking for someone with whom I could share this great news. It was almost like I couldn’t feel my feet hitting the ground.

I was literally running when I spotted a brother coming towards me. I grabbed him with tears running down my cheeks, joyfully sharing the good news of our friend’s decision to respond to Jesus’ invitation to life. We hugged and cried and jumped up and down, celebrating in joy. I don’t know what people were thinking as they passed by, but I didn’t care.

It’s easy for us in America to share our faith with little or no risk. But there are brothers and sisters in Christ whose lives are literally at risk, not just because they share their faith, which they do, but because they’ve chosen to give their life and allegiance to Jesus.

One of our pastors returned recently from a country in which it is unlawful to be a believer in Christ. Three things happen when someone comes to Jesus. 1. Their family forsakes them. 2. They lose their employment. And 3. They run the very real risk of losing their life. Yet, knowing this, many are coming to the Lord, risking everything just to find forgiveness, hope, and eternal life in Jesus.

There’s no way I have of knowing who reads these articles, but whoever you are, wherever you live, if you know Jesus, boldly declare who He is and what He came to accomplish for us. And if you don’t yet know my Savior, open your heart and mind to Him today. This life is nothing compared to the life you’ll have with Jesus while you’re here on earth, and it only gets better after you leave this world.

Whatever we have to suffer to help another person come to know the Lord is worth it – yes, even to lay down our life for them. No one ever said it would be easy to live for Jesus or share Him with others, but this one thing I know: It’s worth whatever it will cost us, because nothing this world has to offer can come close to comparing with knowing, loving, and serving Jesus!

Blessings, Ed 😊

2 thoughts on “When Has Rescuing Someone Ever Been Easy?

  1. We love you Eddie.
    I got to share with an older Jewish friend. He said he is Reformed Jewish.

    He told me bluntly not to proselytize him. We had agreed that their Bible was what we call the Old Testament. Protestant not Catholic. He laughed at Maccabees.

    I said I didn’t want to proselyte him to a different church but the Old Testament said without shedding of blood there was no forgiveness of sin.

    Then I asked him “what blood has been shed for your sins”? Jesus was the lamb of God who died for the sins if the world.

    He was really upset. No communication since. So I pray for Stan.


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