A Life Without Worry?

“So Potiphar gave Joseph complete administrative responsibility over everything he owned. With Joseph there, he didn’t worry about a thing – except what kind of food to eat!” (Genesis 39:6)

Can you imagine a life without worry? If you can, that’s a great start to reaching your goal of a worry-free life. Worry is like a person mowing their lawn in 80 degree weather hoping they won’t freeze to death. You say: “That’s silly!” Yes, it is – exactly my point!

In the verse above, Potiphar, is the one who bought Joseph, Jacob’s youngest son, after he was sold to the Ishmaelite traders by his brothers. He was captain of the guard for Pharoah, the king of Egypt. Why would he place so much confidence in a young Jewish man? Because he proved himself worthy over time.

For those of you who are worriers, think about that for a second. Joseph was a complete stranger to Potiphar when he was purchased. Potiphar didn’t care if he was a Jew or a rubber band, as long as he did what he was told, but after a while Joseph proved completely trustworthy. Do you know anyone like that? I do. His name is Jesus, and He’s never failed me in any way, and I have full confidence He never will.

Jesus is completely trustworthy, innocent of any accusations, perfect, and absolutely without fault. He’s never told a lie and never will. He’s never made a promise He hasn’t kept or won’t soon keep. He’s never disappointed anyone who has placed their trust in Him. So, my obvious question then becomes, why wouldn’t you trust Him with your little, measly life?

David Powlison wrote:  “Jesus promises that life is more than your worries.” A life riddled with worry is like trying to catch water in a rusty can with holes in the bottom. Even if you manage to catch some, it wouldn’t be advisable to drink it.

“An Ever-Present Help” “Used by permission, © Ray Majoran, GlimpseOfInfinity.com

Jesus is the living water who alone gives life. To the extent you allow Satan to fill your mind and heart with worry about things that don’t really matter in light of eternity, to that extent you’re going to miss the blessings of fully trusting your Master and Friend.

So, what do you do with your worry? Are you sitting down? Hold on to something because this is heavy! You give it to Jesus! Is there anything He can’t handle? Of course, there isn’t! What are your “hot” topics that cause you the most concern? Money? Health? Lost loved ones? Relationships? Work? Whatever it is, rather than stew in your own “juices,” ask the Lord to give you the peace only He can.

After my divorce I struggled to find work. I searched far and wide, but the only door that opened was a sales position at an auto dealership. Training was painful because I had to share everything I made with my trainer. The low point of my life was when I opened the envelope with a check for my previous two weeks pay. After taxes and other deductions I had $19.26 to live on for the next two weeks.

I was driving a new Cadillac, provided by the dealership, but couldn’t afford the gas for it. I could have papered my walls with eviction notices, but God always made a way. I remember walking to the rental office, as I did most every month, trying to think of something to say that might prevent them from making me move. I literally had no money and no way imaginable to pay my month’s rent.

But as I opened the door to the office the young woman was smiling when she said: “Mr. Hager, you don’t have to worry about your rent this month, it’s been paid for you.”

Folks, I assure you, whatever your worry, Jesus has already taken care of it. Just relax, trust Him, and let Him work. It will build your faith and add years to your life.

Blessings, Ed 😊

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