A Friend of Mine

“A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.” (Proverbs 17:17 NLT) True friendship is a blessing that is a rare treasure in today’s world. Friendship, like what many think of when they use the word “love,” is not “a many splendored thing,” as the old song suggests,Continue reading “A Friend of Mine”

Forsaking the Fake

“One day Saul said to David, ‘I am ready to give you my older daughter, Merab, as your wife. But first you must prove yourself to be a real warrior by fighting the Lord’s battles.’ For Saul thought, ‘I’ll send him out against the Philistines and let them kill him rather than doing it myself.’”Continue reading “Forsaking the Fake”

Has the New Come?

“Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him.” (Colossians 3:10 NLT) While how we feel and act are not the only ways to recognize that our hearts, minds, and lives have begun to change, our new life in Jesus should bear evidence of theContinue reading “Has the New Come?”

What’s Eating You?

“While He was preaching God’s word to them, four men arrived carrying a paralyzed man on a mat. (Mark 2:2b-3 NLT) Love for someone can cause us to do unusual and unexpected things. Mark shares a story about a paralyzed man who couldn’t get to Jesus on his own, so his friends carried him. CanContinue reading “What’s Eating You?”

The Ring of Death

“And may the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you overflows.” (I Thessalonians 3:12 NLT) In Scripture there are literally dozens of “one another” statements such as the one above. Why is that so important? Because being a follower of Jesus isn’tContinue reading “The Ring of Death”

You Are Closer Than You Think

“After them, Benjamin and Hasshub repaired the section across from their house, and Azariah son of Maaseiah and grandson of Ananiah repaired the section across from his house. Next was Binnui son of Henadad, who rebuilt another section of the wall from Azariah’s house to the angle and the corner.” (Nehemiah 3:23-24 NLT) It wasContinue reading “You Are Closer Than You Think”


“For there are many rebellious people who engage in useless talk and deceive others. This is especially true of those who insist on circumcision for salvation.” (Titus 1:10 NLT) Driving home from a visit with my daughter, who lives in Seattle, Washington, I passed through a lot of open country. Eastern Washington, Montana, and WyomingContinue reading “Boundaries”

A Simple Presence

“Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15 NLT) Leaving church one Sunday morning shortly after my divorce, my pastor asked me how I was doing. He had known me and my wife for many years. Unable to hold it together, without saying a word, I fell intoContinue reading “A Simple Presence”

What Lies Beneath?

“You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth? (Galatians 5:7 NLT) God has given me a heart for discipleship. It’s thrilling to watch God’s life grow in a new believer, especially when I know how much of a struggle it’s been for them to change direction inContinue reading “What Lies Beneath?”

When the Tail Wags the Dog

“Now I am departing from the world; they are staying in this world, but I am coming to You. Holy Father, You have given Me Your name; now protect them by the power of Your name so that they will be united just as we are.” (John 17:11 NLT) Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: “It is notContinue reading “When the Tail Wags the Dog”