My Contract with God (Part 1)

“So Abram departed as the Lord had instructed…” (Genesis 12:4a NLT)

One of the most faith-filled verses in the Bible to me is Genesis 12:4 (above). In verse 1 of that same chapter, God had announced to Abram that He wanted Abram and his wife to leave their native country. God would later change Abram’s name to Abraham, which means “exalted father,” even though Abram and Sarai, were childless.  Then in verse 4 the Bible simply says: “So Abram departed as the Lord had instructed.” Abram was seventy-five years old.

If you’re married, can you even begin to imagine going to your spouse and announcing: “Honey, start packing. We’re moving.” This brief post doesn’t afford enough space to enumerate the list of questions that would ensue from your spouse.

In the verses that follow it becomes clear where God is leading them and why. But the fact Abram made the decision to leave his relatives, all he’d known for his whole life, to follow the Lord’s command without apparent question, is impressive. To me, it sheds a lot of light on why God chose him to be the father of our faith (see Romans 4:16).

As I’ve contemplated Abram’s absolute and total trust in God, it caused me to consider what that kind of faith might look like today. Several years ago, the Lord gave me the idea to formulate a contract with Him.

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So, I was thinking: “Okay, Lord, but remember, I’m from West Virginia. I’m a very simple person.” And the Lord said in a very comforting tone, “I know where you’re from, I made you. So, I’m going to make this simple. Get a piece a paper and at the top of the sheet write: ‘My Contract with God,’ and at the bottom sign your name.”

“Okay, Lord, but shouldn’t there be something I need to know or do?” To which He replied: “No, I’ll tell you what to do when you need to know and all you have to do is obey. Is that simple enough.” To which I responded, “Yes, Sir.”

My contract is very similar to what one of my Pastors, Vance Pitman, teaches. He uses the expression: “Put your ‘Yes’ on the table.” The implication being, before God ever asks you to do something, you’ve already put your “yes” on the table.

What is implied by those kinds of convictions? Signing a blank contract or putting your “yes” on the table without knowing what you’re agreeing to, implies total trust in the One giving the directives. It doesn’t matter to me what the Lord asks me to do. All I need is the assurance that it’s Him asking. Because I have full trust in the Lord, I know He’ll never ask me to do anything that won’t ultimately be for my good and His glory.

How can I be assured what I’m sensing as God’s direction is indeed from God? That’s a great question. We’ll look at that tomorrow.

Blessings, Ed 😊

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