My Contract with God (Part 2)

“For Abraham is the father of all who believe.” (Romans 4”16b NLT)

In yesterday’s post I wrote about my decision to create a contract with God. Today I’d like to share some ways I am able to verify what I’m discerning is from God.

  1. Prayer is the context in which I speak with God and share ideas and thoughts with Him. While I’ve never “heard” His audible voice, except as He speaks to me through another person, He speaks clearly through what I would describe as “impressions.” In Romans 8:15-16 Paul writes: “So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when He adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him ‘Abba, Father.’ For His Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children.” I believe the “affirmation” the Spirit gives us not only provides assurance that we’re God’s children, but also enables us to recognize God’s voice when He speaks to us. The Holy Spirit gives me confidence that what I’m discerning or “sensing” in my spirit is of God. Perhaps I’ll do another post on this subject, but you must be VERY CAREFUL when trusting your feelings as it relates to determining God’s will. Making decisions based on how we feel in any given moment can be disastrous.
  2. God will never direct me (or you) to do, say or think anything that isn’t in harmony with His written Word, the Bible. I have absolute confidence that the Bible is true and can be trusted. So, I test my thoughts, feelings, directives that I’m sensing from God with what the Bible says. This, too, can be a sensitive issue, because, as one of my Seminary Professors was fond of saying: “A text taken out of context becomes a pretext.” What does that mean? It essentially means you can make the Bible say almost anything you want it to say if you take the meaning of the verse(s) out of its (their) original context.
  3. Once I’m confident that what God is saying to me is Biblically sound, I have trusted brothers and sisters in Christ, beginning with my wife, with whom I can share what I believe the Lord is saying. I’ve given her/them permission to speak truth to me as they understand it. I sincerely want to know what God is saying, even if it contradicts what I’m thinking. I’ve walked with the Lord for many years, but I can still “miss” things that God makes crystal clear to someone without my emotional investment.

Perhaps a brief example will help. I’ve believed for many years God has enabled me to give expression to my thoughts much more effectively through writing than speaking, but I received no clear direction in finding an outlet or avenue to accomplish that end.

I sought the Lord for months, then, as a result of His clear leading, my wife and I moved to Las Vegas. Shortly after moving, the Lord led us to a church we both love and it was at that church I met a godly man who guided me in starting this blog. God’s clock keeps perfect time, so when it’s in His time, He’ll clearly give you the direction you need.

My contract with God is signed and ready to be activated by the Lord at any point He wishes. Have you signed your “Contract with God?”

Blessings, Ed 😊  

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